Why it is Very Difficult to Lead Hellas


Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected as the new head of Greece. The precarious economy, social injustice, and diplomatic turmoil are some of the issues that the leader must resolve as soon as possible. 

The following are the snippets of the dilemmas that he needs to be addressed.

  1. EU Glitch. When the leftist Tsipras held the highest rank in Greece in 2015, he immediately cut the ‘sound’ diplomatic ties with the EU. For some reasons, the former prime minister treated other EU countries not so well. And as the years passed by, his government went more austere to the policies of the EU. 
  2. Premiums Cut. Another problem that the new prime minister needs to resolve is the massive cut of the public premium and pensions. According to sources, as early as 2015, the former leader Tsipras signed a bailout deal to stop the distribution of pension and other social welfare claims for locals.
  3. Fiscal Chaos. Since the financial handling of the former leader of Greece is off, the new leader needs to double his time. Mitsotakis needs to convene his people and draw concrete measures to put Greece back into the limelight of Europe once again.
  4. Short Grace Period. Mitsotakis has a very limited time to propel Greece into its right direction- economically and internationally. The EU is closely monitoring the country and keeps crossing its fingers for some drastic changes that Mitsotakis will implement as soon as possible.
  5. Refugee Issue. The issue of barring refugees from entering the country is also a major hit to the previous administration. And this time, Mitsotakis must correct it. He must lay plans on how to accept refugees to settle on the beautiful land of Greece.

It goes without saying that routing the land of Hellas back to its grandest state is a Herculean task. But as long as the people work hand in hand, the country will again establish its dominance in almost all realms.