Large Cyber Crime Gang Shattered


The cyber crime gang GozNym that stole almost 100 million dollars from various victims has been stripped down, according to a report by BBC News.

The gang used malicious software to infect computers and gather online banking information to log in to bank accounts.

The arrest happened after difficult police investigations were conducted in the US and five other European countries. According to reports, it is the first time a cross-border operation of this kind was undertaken.

Cyber Crime Deals

The gang was made up of individuals who marketed their skills in various forums on the Internet. Ten of its members were charged in the USA for various offences like theft and money laundering, among others. The police are still in search of five Russian members of the gang, including:

  • The gang leader and his assistant who faces prosecution in Georgia
  • The member responsible for seizing victim’s bank accounts who was deported from US to Bulgaria
  • The member who made the malware encrypted so it is concealed from networks, and now facing trial in Moldova
  • Two other members who are faced with money-laundering charges in Germany

The gang victimized not only small businesses but also global corporations and non-government organizations.


GozNym is a hybrid of the malwares Gozi and Nymaim. Nymaim is used to download additional malware to an already affected device.  Gozi has been utilized since 2007 mainly for illegally obtaining financial information. With this hybrid, a despicable malware was created. By simply clicking a link, unsuspecting people will have their personal details stolen. 

The operation has put into awareness the prevalence of selling cyber skills to be used by gangs in cyber crimes. As a result, anti-cybercrime troops warn people of the large-scale nature of cybercrime and the need for extensive collaboration to fight against these networks.