Inverted Pyramid Style: Why it is Best to Empower People


Scott Gaddis revealed the essence of the inverted pyramid style of leadership. He stressed that this style is proven to inspire people to work and develop their utmost potentials.

According to Scott, it is very important to empower the employees. You must let the workers feel that their idea counts. And you must also make them realize that they are part and parcel of the organization. He further said that supervisors and leaders must not impose harsh treatment to workers if they want the best output. Instead, these key officials must make themselves available to mentor and coach their people. They must guide the employees on how to excel and develop their expertise.

Scott said that his experience as the leader of the EHS department affirmed the effectiveness of the inverted pyramid. He did not experience difficulty in keeping his team united. Why? Because he treated them as equal key players of the company.

Scott also revealed that the secret to managing a successful team, (disregarding the number of members) is that you must share what you have. Since you are the leader, it expected that you have more ideas to share. Don’t confine those brilliant ideas in your mind.

In other words, you must share what you’ve got without any personal motives or hidden agenda.

As a leader, you need to make several versions of yourself. Meaning, you need to adjust to the demand of your people. Scott stressed that the inverted pyramid style teaches leaders to become more considerate to the sentiment of the workers. He said that the workers are the lifeblood of the company.

Former CEO Herb Kelleher supported Scott’s claim. He said that when he was still running an airline company, he paid more concern to the employees rather than to the shareholders. Kelleher pointed out that for a company to succeed, the employees’ welfare must come first.