Dental Care Costs


No one is ever immune to dental problems, which is why dental care is genuinely recommended by dentists to help preserve the healthy state of your teeth and gums. You can maintain an excellent dental care routine at home or better, set a regular schedule of dental checkups with your dentist. Some of those who have more complicated issues are advised to seek help from professionals; you can either get veneers, braces or whitening processes depending on your teeth’s condition.

Common Cost of Orthodontics

The usual cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the patient’s age, case’s severity, treatment period, and most importantly, the methods/techniques used in the procedure.

According to the American Dental Association’s Survey of Dental Fees (2016), orthodontic fees for adolescents or teens can range from $4,978 to $6,900 while the general costs for adult patients vary from $5,100 to $7,405. This kind of treatment lasts for about eighteen to fourteen months, depending on the dentist’s recommendation and speed of the healing process. The fees that you pay for cover diagnostic records, the treatment itself, placement of appliance, frequent follow-up, and retainers by the treatment’s completion.

Average Costs of Braces that are covered by Insurance

There is no specific amount of coverage for braces that are covered by insurance. If the patient has a dental insurance which involves orthodontic benefits, the insurance will most probably offset a small part of the payment. Typically, the amount can be calculated from a percentage of the fee. While others have the option to acquire a lifetime maximum with a minimum cap of $1,500. Insurances can’t completely cover a patient’s dental fees but it does help patients when it comes to urgent payments.

Since an insurance coverage involves a wide variety, patients are advised to visit their local dentist regularly to get a test, evaluation and any treatment plan that can be covered by an Insurance.