Applying a Scientific Method in Starting a Business


Joe Kinsella, the founder of Cloud Technologies, shared his experiences in running a business. According to him, he applied science to win the industry’s game.

Joe’s company is one of the leading providers of cloud computing services. Currently, VMware’s CloudHealth Technologies is operating under Joe’s baton.

He said that his success is not a fruit of easy labor. Instead, he studied thoroughly and applied the so-called business scientific method.

Here’s the calculated way of running a business:

  1. Conditions. You need to determine the kind of product that you will introduce to the market. Gauge how the market will receive your product and the intensity of the demand. Once you check that there’s a big possibility that your prospect item will become a hit, deliver it to the public.
  2. Unique. It is very important to counter the usual stream to be noticed by the public. Try to come up with an innovation. You can use the power of the internet to drive more clients. 
  3. Observe. After you dish a particular experiment to the market, observe its impact. If you found out that the experiment is effective, integrate it to your market plan.
  4. Communicate. You also need to discuss the results of the experiment with the entire marketing team. Get other people’s opinion to polish your strategy.
  5. Repeat. Before you apply the experiment or innovation, you need to repeat it, at least three times. This is the threshold of any scientific trial to consider the result as valid.
  6. Initiate. Once the repeated experiments produce the same results, then you can now start your business.

Joe pointed out that when science is applied correctly, there’s no reason that a business will not flourish. So, scientifically run a business now and hope for the best.